April 26, 2023

Sisters on Campus

Western Kentucky University

For the past four years, the Sister Servants have been visiting college campuses throughout the Southeast, and it has been a blessing all around! The Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) trains young missionaries to serve on college campuses, and we have supported them in one way or another for many years. Increasingly over the years, FOCUS has been emphasizing the importance of the witness of religious life, and what an impact this witness can make on college students. so in 2019 we began to spend more time with FOCUS missionaries and on campuses, and a new apostolic venture came about. While many of the campuses that we visit are FOCUS campuses, some of them are not. We have found ourselves at a variety of schools and student centers, each with its own unique atmosphere and character. It is always edifying that on every campus, we have encountered young Catholic men and women desiring to put God at the center of their lives, when there is so much pressure to do otherwise. It is also beautiful to see our Eucharistic Lord present in each campus chapel – and present to each of these young people.

The Sisters have been traveling quite a bit, to visit these schools! Some campuses have invited us to come once a month or once a semester, but of course we visit those farther away less often. Take a look and see (approximately) where we have been!

We have been able to bring our apostolic work to the college students in a variety of ways. We have assisted with retreats, given talks on different aspects of the Faith, led study groups, and prayed with students. Often, just being present at a meal or at Mass is an opportunity to meet and speak with students who wouldn’t get to speak with Sisters otherwise. Our first aim in this work is to serve the people God wants us to meet during each visit, through prayer and in conversation. At the same time, it has been a blessing to us as well, to encounter these young people. It is beautiful to see the grace of God at work in each individual soul. 

Please pray for us as we continue to work with different Catholic student centers and visit campuses. Please pray for the students also, as it is truly a battle to live the Faith in such a secular sphere of society. God is doing great things and his grace is always sufficient for every challenge! 

And, these visits have also borne the fruit of bringing many young adults to retreats at Casa Maria!