“Let the Cross be for you, as it was for Christ, proof of the greatest love. Is there not a mysterious relationship between renunciation and joy, between sacrifice and magnanimity, between discipline and spiritual freedom?” – Pope Saint Paul VI

Through the profession of the evangelical counsels the sisters bind themselves to the Lord in a special way and strive to imitate Him in all things. Our life is a response to a divine call to life for God alone.

A vocation to the Sister Servants is one of complete self-gift, made by possible by God’s grace and a deep life of prayer. The sisters practice physical, intellectual, and spiritual mortification by embracing community life and their daily duties. Each sister strives to imitate Mary, and Saints Francis and Dominic, in their devotion to the Eternal Word, who became flesh for all men. It is the desire of every Sister Servant of the Eternal Word to proclaim the truth of God’s love for each person by their life of prayer and their work in the apostolate of evangelization through catechesis and retreats.

The sisters look to Mary as their model and guide. Only with Mary’s help can each sister give her own “Fiat” to God.

Are you called?

If you are discerning a call to religious life, praise God! The fact that you are even open is a gift from the Father. God has a plan for each person, and you are no exception. To the extent that you open your life to God, he will fulfill you.

God speaks to individuals uniquely and in thousands of ways. God’s relationship with each soul is personal which is why each person’s call to his or her vocation is personal. Still, there are some desires which often indicate that God may be calling someone to belong completely to Him. Some of these are:

  • A deepening desire for God and prayer
  • Interior and persistent inclinations to be open to religious life
  • A readiness to freely give of oneself to God
  • A desire to serve the Church and mankind
  • Faithfulness in living a Catholic life, yet desiring something deeper
  • The emotional, mental, and physical capacity needed for the self-gift lived within religious life

Come and See

If you have been thinking about religious life but have not yet visited or spoken with a sister, now is the time! Often, God simply wants us to take the next step in faith. A discernment retreat is a good opportunity to step away from the world, experience religious life, and spend time alone with God.

The Sister Servants offer discernment retreats to Catholic women between the ages of 18-30. The retreats are weekends of prayer, quiet, and interacting with the sisters, so that young women can better discern the vocation to which God is calling them.

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