Welcome to Casa Maria

The Sister Servants of the Eternal Word is a public association of the faithful founded by Mother Mary Gabriel Long in 1987. The community is contemplative-active, committed to evangelization through catechesis and retreats, according to the ideals of St. Francis and St. Dominic who rebuilt the Church in Truth and Charity.

The Sister Servants run Casa Maria Retreat House, and also participate in family catechesis, Sacramental preparation, and other catechetical missions throughout the diocese, teaching “spiritual things spiritually.” (1 Cor 2:13)


Our community hosts structured retreats open to individuals, couples, or groups, which run from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon. They include conferences on the Faith and the spiritual life, daily Mass, Benediction, opportunities to pray the Rosary and Divine Office together, as well as time for private prayer and for the reception of the sacraments.

Do you know the Hillbilly Thomists?

Recorded by the student brothers of the Dominican House of Studies in Washington, D.C., they skillfully and joyfully present old bluegrass classics, great folk standards, and a dash of Scotch-Irish instrumental music. Traditional bluegrass music is playful and energetic; along with American folk music, it often contains explicitly theological themes: belief in Christ, the goodness of life, the pain of unrequited love, the finality of death, and hope in eternal life. It is a traditional southern form of testimony to the presence of grace in the human heart. So when it is played by Dominicans who study Thomas Aquinas, there is no doubt that what comes about as a result is Hillbilly Thomism. 
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