October 4, 2022

Singing the Praises of the Lord!

A Blessed Feast Day of St. Francis to all!

In honor of the Troubadour of the Lord, St Francis, who continually sang the praises of his Lord in joyful charity, we give you this song on his Feast Day.  Let us make our pilgrimage together on the Road to Zion as we journey towards the dwelling of our King!


I am a pilgrim in a bitter valley 

But as I travel, my spirit sings

‘Cause in my heart is the road to Zion 

So this poor valley becomes a place of springs 


Come, let us climb the mountain of the Lord 

Lift up your voices and we’ll sing 

Strength grows within us as we walk toward heaven’s door 

Longing for the dwelling of the King

Even the sparrow has found a home there 

Beside Your altar, she joys to be 

Lord, You said I am worth more than sparrows 

And so I hope you’ve saved a place for me


So as I travel this road to Zion 

I will not wander to either side 

I’d rather live on the Lord’s front doorstep 

Than in a mansion where He does not abide 


(copyright Sister Servants)