Welcome to Casa Maria

The Sister Servants of the Eternal Word are a contemplative-active community of women religious founded in 1987. We strive to serve the Church through our apostolate of retreats and catechesis.

Our community presents retreats with excellent and zealous priests as retreat masters, knowing what a great help a retreat can be in strengthening one's spiritual life. Our retreats include: daily Mass and the Rosary, conferences on the Faith and the spiritual life, ample opportunities for reception of the sacraments, and time for private prayer. We also operate a bookstore, providing educational and inspirational Catholic materials and religious items.


The Joy of Religious Life

We are zealous in living out our religious life. We love our vows, community life, apostolate, and wearing the religious habit; we love our obedience to the Pope and to the Magisterium. Our religious life has one goal: the perfection of charity within the framework of a life consecrated to God.



Our community hosts structured retreats open to individuals, couples, or groups, which run from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon. They include conferences on the Faith and the spiritual life, daily Mass, Benediction, opportunities to pray the Rosary and Divine Office together, as well as time for private prayer and for the reception of the sacraments.