Past Virtual Retreats

We offer these retreats to you free of charge, although if you make a donation, it helps us support the technology and fees for this ongoing apostolate. God bless!

To register for a past virtual retreat, please email us, and we will send you the link.

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Virtual Retreat
The End Times
Father Chris Alar, MIC
Virtual Retreat
Ways of Prayer and Discipleship
Father John Horgan
Virtual Retreat
Humility Rules
Father Augustine Wetta, OSB
Virtual Retreat
The Art of Accompaniment
Father Frank Donio, SAC
Virtual Retreat
Who Can Climb the Mountain of the Lord?
Father Christopher LaRocca, OCD
Virtual Retreat
Interior Castle of St. Teresa of Jesus: The First Four Mansions
Father Raymond Bueno, OCD
Virtual Retreat
Constructing the Interior Castle of the Soul
Father Nicholas Wichert
Virtual Retreat
God is Rich in Mercy
Father Joseph Mary Brown, csj
Virtual Retreat
Keeping Watch: Perseverance During Time of Trial and Tribulation
Father John Trigilio
Virtual Retreat
Advent: Our Journey to the Manger
Father Frank Sofie
Virtual Retreat
Our Lady of Guadalupe: Day of Recollection
Father John Paul Zeller, MFVA
Virtual Retreat
Saint Joseph: Model of Manly Leadership
Father Jack Durkin