November 25, 2021

Where have the Sisters been?

   There has been a noticeable decrease in the number of Sister sightings around Casa Maria lately. Aside from regularly scheduled streams to and from the chapel for community prayer (and a few extra pious – or frantic – visits), there has been very little visible activity even within the convent…

… so what have we been up to?

No cause for alarm – we have only been extremely focused on the final stages of our latest expedition into Theological studies! The Fall semester, devoted to Moral and Spiritual Theology, climaxed in what has been unanimously identified as the greatest challenge yet in our community class experience. The last essay and the final exam have seen sisters completing heroic feats of study and memorization, practice essays and drills, quizzing and research! And, reminders to use, I quote, “a ruthless economy of words”.

While the hallways may have been unusually vacant, study locations revealed a flurry of flash cards, layers of open books, a multitude of greatly varied study techniques, and impromptu meetings to discuss the depths of the moral life. Afternoons frequently saw gatherings around the coffee pot, from which fragments of conversations could be overheard, with phrases such as “I missed the section on heteronomy!” … “Actually, that would be directly, materially, cooperating in evil!” … “concommitant what?”… and, “don’t forget to use a doctor of the Church!” 

     In all seriousness, though, this course has been another tremendous blessing. The material feeds directly into our apostolic work, and both our personal and communal spiritual life. It is especially handy that our professors purposely make many of the prompts for assignments suited toward classes, presentations, or articles that we can share at a moment’s notice. Be on the watch for timely articles and talks that contain themes of man’s vocation to happiness, the unity of the Decalogue, and God’s revelation of Himself within it! Plus bonus excerpts focusing on the Church Doctors’ teaching on the Spiritual life – Quiz: According to Saint Catherine of Siena, at what point did the Apostles reach Transforming Union? Or was that Saint Teresa. . . ?

In short, we have an additional reason to be THANKFUL to God this Thanksgiving! Another course successfully completed, and already bearing much fruit. We have so much to be thankful for, including all of you, our dear family and friends. Know that you are in our prayers every day as we head in to the holy season of Advent!