November 19, 2022

We Give Thanks – For Souls!

(Photos are from the All Souls’ Day Mass celebrated by Bishop Raica at Elmwood Cemetery for the deceased priests of the Diocese of Birmingham. The Sister Servants were honored to provide the altar and all accompaniments for the Mass.)

Praying at Father Lambert’s grave

The month of November holds a special place for many, as the month dedicated to prayer for the Holy Souls in Purgatory. Half-way through the month, we are reminded to persevere in these prayers with the feast of St. Gertrude, who was especially devoted to them.

Yet now at the end of the month, it is so easy to have our thoughts taken up with preparations for Thanksgiving! As reminders to be thankful start appearing, the two themes can be joined to make a beautiful opportunity for reflection.

This Fall, our community has suffered the loss of some very dear, long-time friends, and the father of one of our Sisters. They will be much missed by us all. But their lives have given us so much to be grateful for! Such friendship, love, generosity, and examples of virtue and striving for holiness! Such dedication to God’s will and fidelity in following in His footsteps. We thank God for having been blessed to know such persons! And also, that once they have attained to the joys of Heaven, they will be mighty intercessors for us, the Church Militant.

Each of the Priests’ graves were marked with a white flower

As we approach the next few weeks’ festivities, let us pay our debts of friendship, and pray for the Holy Souls!