May 23, 2022

Sisters, St. James, and Fr. Leonard

We should have known that inviting Fr. Leonard to come to school for a day would involve his making a video! Fr. Leonard is in charge of the Friars’ media posts for their community and is always posting something new. He kept us laughing all day long as he got quick shots of everything that was happening.

Our Sisters have been teaching Catechesis at St. James once a week for several years. Besides classes, the Sisters take care of preparations for the weekly Mass, train altar servers and sacristans, and try to assist in any other way they can. Being at the school has been a great blessing for us. There is nothing like the faith and openness of children!

When Father Leonard joined us, he stayed for the entire school day, and all the students loved having him. He visited classrooms, offered Mass, heard Confessions, and ended the day with Benediction. He was able to visit a few classrooms too, to teach the students about the Franciscan life. Who knows – maybe there’s a future Franciscan in the school!

Thank you Father Leonard, for all the ways you serve the Church!

Take a look at Father Leonard’s videos about life as a MFVA Friar: Inside/Outside the Friary