January 9, 2021

Winter Repairs and Improvements

A typical scene from Fall 2019…  Mother Louise Marie rakes back loose gravel from the drain that struggles to keep up with flooding rain water

Now that Winter is upon us again, our friends at Nature’s Edge Landscaping have begun our next stage of property improvements.  After they did such a beautiful job restoring the lawn outside the Convent wing and adding new drainage lines, we asked them to do similar work outside the Retreat wing.


Nature’s Edge at work










A beautiful transformation and no more water problem! (Summer 2020)









The lawn outside the Retreat wing has long needed additional drainage work.  Over the years the ground has settled and eroded, and often retains standing water after a hard rain.  We are working to control the water in this area and then we will relandscape around the building.

Beginning the project

Installing French drains and additional inlets

New gravel drip edge

We also had a fence installed to screen our air conditioning units and transformer, making the area safer and more sightly.



The drainage in this area is difficult and necessary and we pray the results of this project will be a blessing for both the Sisters and our retreatants!  (To see pictures from previous projects, visit our Photo Gallery.)