November 21, 2020

Sisters Launch Christlife Small Groups

An enormous blessing both for ourselves and the faith community at large during COVID has been the virtual launch of a popular parish program called ChristLife. ChristLife was founded in the early 90s by Dave Nodar with the mission of evangelizing “in our own backyard.” It is a small-group relational program geared at transforming adults into disciples and making people stronger in their faith by discussing the person of Jesus Christ and why He deeply matters in each of our lives.

Originally an in-person-only gathering, like many other such endeavors, COVID dramatically changed the scope of ChristLife through its Zoom pilot program this past summer. Both ChristLife and its Zoom participants discovered the abundant fruit of encouraging Catholics to connect from all over the world to share their faith, build each other up, and discuss ways to witness and bring others to Jesus. ChristLife is split into 3 separate online sessions: Discovering Christ, Following Christ, and Sharing Christ, that each build upon each other.

ChristLife is unique because the content is geared toward meeting people exactly where they are at. Although it is a heavily Catholic program, faithful to the Magisterium, it focuses on the fundamental soil that we need to live out our faith and witness to others through deepening our personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Small groups get together online each week to watch a simple teaching or witness of the faith and then answer questions that really help you examine why you believe, where you’ve been in your relationship with Jesus, and how the power of Christ can continue to transform you, so you can more deeply follow Him and share Him with others. ChristLife will meet you and feed you wherever you are on the journey.

Several of our families, friends, and retreatants have joined Casa Maria for our first online-hosted session of ChristLife this Fall, and many have found it life-changing and a place where we can share the faith and find support. As Christians, we are meant to accompany each other on the journey to heaven, and we are thankful for ChristLife as a means of doing so, especially during the recent difficulties in our times. If you would like more information on ChristLife, or when it might be possible to join the Sisters on this faith journey, please contact us or visit for more information.