December 10, 2020

Bon Voyage, Little Dump Truck!

Sister Marianna with the dump truck she drove during our building days

You may have noticed the array of construction equipment on our grounds and heard stories from the Sisters about their excavation of the parking lot and drainage retention pond.  Along with the expert excavator Robert, our founding Sisters operated much of the construction equipment during the first years of building. Sister Marianna, seen below on the “wacky-packy” as she compacted the dam, also drove the dump truck pictured above, while Sister Mary John Paul operated the Bantam and other equipment.


Robert and Sister Mary John Paul working on a project

A picture from the past, as we excavated the retreat center courtyard










These machines served us well for several years’ excavation. Now, many years later, they have found a new home! Our friend Zach (pictured below) has been working to get them up and running.

The bulldozer lends a hand getting the truck from the pond up the hill to the parking lot

We bid them a nostalgic farewell…

…and they are seen below, already hard at work for Zach!