September 11, 2020

Allow Us to Introduce:

On the feast of the Nativity of Mary, we celebrated with great joy as Sister Laura received the religious habit and her new religious name! She is now:

Sister Marie Isabel, of the Infant of Prague

Our community has the custom that each postulant submits to the superior three names that they are drawn to, and Mother may choose one of these to give them, or may choose something else if so inspired by the Holy Spirit! Sister Marie Isabel was named for St. Elizabeth of Portugal (Isabel is the Portuguese form of Elizabeth). After the ceremony, Sister Marie Isabel shared with us that during her postulancy, she was much drawn to St. Elizabeth of the Trinity’s reflections on the name Elizabeth, meaning “House of God”, and then specifically to St. Elizabeth of Portugal, due to her being known as the peacemaker.

As you see, this was also the day our new little Marian shrine, which has been nicknamed the “Portiuncula” (after the tiny chapel St. Francis loved so dearly in Assisi, naming it the ‘little portion’ for his friars). The last few details of the project came together in a miraculous way, with each piece fitting the others seamlessly, even down to the donation of slate shingles for the roof, and just the right lantern to hang over Our Lady, along with other lights for the nighttime. Father Anthony came to bless the statue and the shrine, after which we finished the day with a picnic!