April 2, 2021

Retreat on Jesus’ Seven Last Words with Fr. Hugh Gillespie

When someone we love is at the point of death, that person’s last words are often the most important lessons that he or she teaches us. Fr. Hugh Gillespie pointed this out in his recent Casa Maria retreat where he offered a series of meditations on Jesus’ seven last words from the Cross. Focusing on the order and structure of these words, he showed how Jesus called on God as Father at the beginning and at the end of His Crucifixion, thus teaching us to turn to our Heavenly Father in times of suffering. Following Our Lord’s example, we are then able to entrust our heavenly Father with everything and hand over our spirits to Him in abandonment and love.

We wanted to share these reflections with you to help you enter into the events of the Triduum more profoundly. We hope that you find these talks as spiritually fruitful as we do.