August 9, 2021

Camp Adventures in Louisiana!

This summer, the Sister Servants have been traveling the country! Collectively, we’ve visited six states to attend various conferences and camps, and have had many grace-filled opportunities in meeting with Catholics from all across the country.

One venture that was new to us this year was Beloved, a summer camp organized by the Diocese of Shreveport, LA for teenage girls. Sister Marie Therese, Sister Mary Faustina and I (Sister Rose Marie) each led a team of girls in discussion groups, competing in sports, Catholic trivia and more! A wide range of outdoor activities challenged the girls to learn learn new skills, build confidence and teamwork, while talks given by the Sisters challenged and inspired the development of their relationship with God and practice of the Faith. Moments of prayer were woven throughout the days, rooting everything in the groundwork of Faith. There was a consistent theme throughout the camp of seeking to know God’s purpose in creating us, and discovering the vocation He gave to each of us.

I was inspired to see the visible growth in the girls over the course of the camp, and amazed to see how they learned to tackle things they never expected to do – some even taking the challenge to climb a 35′ post and jump from it to catch a trapeze! (wearing a safety harness of course!) Even more impressive, was the building up in grace and the growing desire to seek Our Lord that was evident within all the camp attendees.

     Many of these girls had never been around religious Sisters before, and were excited to have this chance to get to know about our life. The last night of camp, we each told our vccation story and together answered questions about religious life. The Q&A was packed with non-stop, great questions about being a Sister. God was clearly working deep within each of the girls, to make Himself known to them and to draw them to Himself, and several girls expressed considering a religious vocation for the first time.

Events like this often prove to be a significant influence in helping open a young woman’s heart to the possibility of a religious vocation. Many Sisters, in telling their vocation story, include some interaction they had with a Sister as a teenager, when her calling began to take shape. For others, these events provide a chance to deepen their faith, their desire for Truth, and their love of the Sacraments, which then lead them to discover the Lord’s call for them. Please say a prayer for all these young ladies as they embark on seeking out God’s will for their lives!

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